[ "Well-defined standards", "a native csscomb support", "standartisation", "Styling form inputs and checkboxes is still tedious. A parent selector would be nifty. Out-of-the-box height 100% that expands the element to the height of its parent WITHOUT needing a harcoded parent, absolute positioning, or passing 100% height down all the way from .\n\nSmall potatoes, but there you have it!", "container queries", "reading-distance", "Form styling", "native flow control", "Simple loops", " ", "A more reasonable system regarding layout. Also variables and conditional styles. It seems this is now becoming a reality, but it took a very long time.", "Scoped styles", " ", "container queries", "automatic responsive layout", "Nesting blocks, single source of truth. No webkit or Moz anymore!!", "нативная вложенность классов", "accessibility features on how things are read by screen readers. Things like tone of voice, pronounciation, etc.", "polyfils", "Unified support of features, having different browsers implement things differently causes inconsistencies.", "I'm honestly very happy with the language itself at this point - can't think of anything I feel is missing. Things I think are missing from the ecosystem:\n\n- More CSS-based tools for high-quality print design and production\n- More consistency in implementation across browsers? (Although we're getting there now that IE is deprecated, and there are probably limits to how far we can ever achieve this...)", "A really good CSS-in-JS library. Stylex from Facebook looks good.", "nesting like in sass", "vertical align on any block element (that does what everyone think something labelled vertial-align does)", "I feel like 80% of what can be found in SCSS should be included in vanilla CSS.", "ease of use, programmer friendly", "Lack of unified behavior. What I mean is that when I write margin: 10px, it will be 10px i EVERY browser (example exagerated of course).", "Cant be conditional off of parents.", "Scoping, container media queries", "Parent selector working similarly to JS framework ones.", "gpu accelerated svg transforms", "Tooling around usage and code cleanup (removal of unused css). I believe the tooling exists, it just isn't pervasively used (unlike tree-shaking in javascript). I also like to know what is impacted by my css changes in my application. I can usually get that information, but it requires a lot of tooling around test automation.", "Container queries!", "Subgrid can't get here fast enough! Also would like to see native support for things that SASS offers - more dynamic programming-like features.", "Browser wars, but it's better than 15 years ago", "nested selector", "Specificity conflict rules warnings", "better structure, reusability", "Container Queries", "Proper abstractions to map on JS data structures", "There was something, but I don't remember now. Most of cases, there's only a partial support of features in browsers.", "OOTB CSS lighten and darken of colors", "A parent selector", "Respect for how complicated it can be", "font-size-adjust, line-height-step, subgrid, conic-gradient, backdrop-filter, @property --custom-property {}", "container queries ", "element queries", "Scrollbar properties; more compatibility between different browsers (I know, not a CSS problem...)", "Logic", "Element queries", "killing IE11 ASAP", "Color modification functions, conditionals, nesting ", "more math functions.. floor() round() etc.", "Always show Scrollbars", "sub-grid in allen gängigen Browsern\neinfaches skaling system für große Bildschrime (4k)", ":contains still isn't supported", "Forma sencilla de personalizar los radio buttons y checkbox, así como del input de tipo file, ", "parent selector", "Better text alignment. Read about a new potential spec that would allow you to make a text's bounding box be around it's x-height, baseline, or cap height. This would allow for exact margin spacing around text elements. ", "Better styling for form elements. Subgrid.", "Nesting selectors like in SCSS.", "Custom selectors. Selector nesting. Extend selectors. Module import css.", "Native Sass functionality like functions/mixins", "The class system feels outdated. Having to come up with a name for every single element just to style it seems crazy, hence the trend towards utility-first and inline styles.", "A way to traverse the DOM and target parent(s), siblings etc", "Child to parent selectors", "Full support for CSS Logical Properties (for all types). Include responsive media rule with logical sizes, and logical shorthand support.", "If statements...", "Parent selector ;)", "Parent selector (to style the parent of an element)", "nesting!", "I would want it to work more like a design/prototyping tool. Less code please.", "Being able to full style native components in the browser. I'm sick of writing a custom components lib for every company I join. Using existing frameworks is also painful, because they might not support every feature we need. I just want to style native components, which have all important logic implemented and they work with A11Y.", "Visual support in the browsers to besser see what we do. This thing is helpful: https://visbug.web.app/\nI am a Desktop Publisher (1995), I function by seeing what I do. I would not know what happens, if the debugger could not pause. :)", "backward sibling selector", "Subgrids ", "container queries", "More complicated layout tooling. Easier to style things like background animations on single elements (e.g. links) without having to use before/after pseudo elements or complicated \"hacks\" to achieve a small thing.", "Ability to get and use width or height of the element inside its selector. (for example: div {height: calc(width + 10)})", "Container queries\n", "Improved sticky functionality (sticky from position:absolute, select containing block).\nAnimations with scroll as timeline.", "IE11 to finally kick the bucket :D", "Plus de typographie ", "Element queries", "Container/Element queries. Parent selectors.", "scroll-padding-inline-start", "nesting should be in the official spec", "Consensus, lots of different implementations, standards, frameworks, etc.", "Tree-shaking/automatic optimisation tools compared to HTML", ":contains() selector", "CSS could be a bit more smart and should offer more functions like color manipulation (darken, lighten, ...) and should be able to read data attributes more easily.", "Need to be able to style the native widgets without using faux components", "Pseudo elemento para o ancestral.", "We need the god damn line trim properties asap :>", "Something to chop off the top-most and bottom-most leading from text nodes", "Functions and Mixins in Sass", "More use cases to replace certain JS functions to speed up page load. Over time, CSS has replaced the need for some JS and it's performance benefits are great", "if, color-functions, sass like mixins", ":has() support", "Advanced typography inspired by InDesign", "Eine bessere Implementierung von :not bzw. Erweiterung (if Bedingungen)", "Selecting a parent item by it's children (i.e., look for child with class .foo, and select it's parent) ", "strict mode, and more polyfills so people can write \"modern\" CSS ", "get attributes values to use directly in scss", "parent selectors", "Container queries (actually they might already exist in some form...)", "container queries\nstyle parent based on the amount of children ", "Parent selector", "- Implementation of the `lh` and `rlh` units \n- Implementation of the whole CSS Generated Content Module Level 3 spec in browsers\n- Implementation of the clone value of the box-decoration property in multi-columns layouts and when printing\n- Implementation of the `:target-within` selector\n- The `::contents` pseudo-element (https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/2406)\n- The `:has()` selector in stylesheets\n- More control on `::marker` pseudo-elements (notably positioning)\n- The `attr()` function anywhere", "Everything that modern pre-processors have to offer. ", "Although very unlikely, some browser CSS consistency.", "Ways to disable platform specific features without hacking. For example iOS phone bounce.", "element queries\nstyle scoping", "Debería tener más reglas relacionadas con JavaScript nativo, y más soporte en todos los navegadores de las features nuevas que se han preguntado precedentemente.", "I would like people to actually start using Shadow DOM", "The bar for entry should be lowering, technological advances are supposed to be easier. It is not. ", "container queries", "parent style according to child's state \nbad example: .parent checkbox::checked -> .parent {} etc.", "Container queries, easier and more concise web accessibility controls in CSS", "Container queries", "Sound/audio, selector queries", "Container queries", "a tool that is able to suggest/track specificity of selectors in an eslint-like manner", "Appreciation by JS devs of its fundamental beauty and simplicity", "Native nesting without selectors, more like pre-processors already does. I also would like a native way to pass props without JavaScript, like Styled-Components does. And a easy way to set native media-queries, like a `below(600px)` function instead of that huge `@media (max-width: 600px)`. Always making the native more powerful to not need tools.", "I would like to see :has widely adopted by browsers.", "- Customise form elements.\n- CSS region\n- CSS Nesting (100%)\n", "fluid responsiveness, ways to create layout without having to specify media queries for specific viewports sizes", "More intuitive animations", "Tooling at the level of IntelliSense / TypeScript. I want my editor to fully understand CSS like it understands other programming languages", "All ones that u can't use because Voldemort browser exist.", "more consistency across platforms/browsers", "Je ne sais pas si c'est moi qui suis à la ramasse, mais j'ai toujours du mal à trouver comment définir une hauteur de 100% de l'écran", "Better integration of some Preprocessor concepts (Sass)", "Standards. Too many ways to do the same thing. Not enough discoverability of the right way to do things.", "reverse selectors", "Native browser support for hyphenation.", "1px", "Псевдо-селектор родителя .element:parent(.red-parent) { color: red; }", "nesting, pure color functions", "Parent selectors", "Broad support for Houdini. The ability to polyfill or transpile JS has really made JS flourish, but the ability to \"polyfill\" CSS features I think will not only empower developers to push CSS, but will also provide more feedback for the CSSWG specification authors.", "100% support in all modern browsers. ", "Subgrids in Chrome", "Equal support across browsers", "Browser support of all these fancy features from this list xD", "previous sibling selector, and Selectors Level 4\n", "Everything that houdini promised and easier animations", "element queries, parent selector", "Element queries, nesting like SASS, mixins like SASS. \n\nThe community needs to start acknowledging that the C (CSS) is largly defunct in modern web apps (CSS-in-JS & BEM) and the last S is also no more. We no longer write \"Sheets\" of styles. This leaves just the \"Styles\" which are now part of our scoped components. \n\nI'm also seeing more and more \"behavour / functionality\" type features making it into \"CSS\", which is great. However this isn't what it was for hence why I think the community should look to refeer to CSS as something else. It's evolving way past it's original intention.\n\nIn terms of my general happyness with web technologies, I'm quite unhappy how complicated things have become. Theres too many \"new\" JS libraries, too many complicated build runners. If you pick one library its the \"previous best thing\" 6 months down the line. The industry really doesn't know what it wants when theres sooo much choice around.", "subgrid!", "Harmony, IE 11 still alive.", "Logical property shorthands in chrome", "3D Engine", "Warnings and Error messages", "Developers who know how to write it instead of inventing new ways around it.", "Faster browser adaptations of new standards. Flex and Grid took forever", "More robust animation functions like timing and call-backs.", "The ability to disable cascading (dependence of the style priority on the type of selector)\nOr add the ability to manually set the style priorities.\n\nCSS properties for adjusting the height, width, vertical shift of fonts, for easier font replacement throughout the site", "Stability for browsers to catch up in support", "element media queries\n", "Masonry-style grids with pure CSS but I just learned that this is something that is being worked on.", "Container queries.\nAble to reference other property values in the same selector block. For example: width: calc({height} / 2);\nBetter animation keyframe support.\nNesting.\nColor functions.", "More details from the css", "container queries!", "Very often I am writing css in scss files so anything that comes with scss is very much missing for me in basic css.\nMixins, @each and clear way to define variables instead of having them in :root{}", "I would like to built in animations, rather than having to assemble them from scratch. Something similar to CSS Grid would be really nice! Since you could do floats and such in the past to get a grid layout. But being able to just say Grid!", "Css native mixins & functions.", "Parent selector", "Better debugging tools. Something similar to eslint for the style would be amazing", "Being able to traverse the dom tree more easily- eg. getting parent/grandparent elements", "Container queries", "nesting", "media queries for individual elements", "Scoping\nBreakpoints tied to a specific element/region, not just the screen size", "container queries", "Easy collapse (height) animation. For example from auto to zero and backwards", "More gap control (flexbox gap/grid gap will help a lot, but it's be good to have a block-gap and perhaps even inline-gap?)", "deeper ancestor targeting from a descendent element", "Some built in way to scope CSS. Large projects simply cannot depend on managing the cascade on their own. ", "nested selectors", "parent selector", "A way to select parent elements", "ability to target ancestor elements of a selector", "if/else or use preprocessors", "would love to see transition also works on display property change", "A gatekeeper to limit the amount of nonsense created in the CSS world (that this survey asks about a lot).", "Container Queries", "Totally form styling", "if statements", "parent selectors and container queries, though i understand the immense difficulty in implementing both (the latter less and less as things like ResizeObserver are implemented in js, though)", "Support from browsers. Having to tweak styles or use workarounds. I hate that", "Container Queries", "height queries", "Better names for flexbox properties would be enough.", "Namespaces like in C# and logic.", "Functions", "Classes and variables", "counters that don't conflict with each other", "SASS like variables. Defining variables in your stylesheet is easy but I'm lazy and don't hate typing so much to use a variable in one place.\n\nA method to target the parent element in a way not requiring :root", "Container queries", "the ability to target a parent element / selector from a child selector. currently its parent > child :)", "A parent selector ", "Debug tools", "More wrapping up of utility classes within html elements", "More magical integrations with the JS ecosystem so that developers who don't like CSS can use CSS's full potential.", "selector for parent", "Browser Unity. Browsers should act the same for all css features, I should not have to write something specific and tweak for different browsers or using shims.", "Some new language features, when they go wrong they go really really wrong for end users, and this is browser support wrong rather than programmer usage wrong. Mixed browser implementations are just so dumb when you're trying to rely on technology to get a job done rather than play around. ", "Native nesting", "iteration and mixins (would make preprocessing obsolete to me)", "Non cartesian coordinates", "parent element :)\nreal nth-class\nreal empty-field selector", "More conditions and selectors", "1) select parent because child is present:\n\n.parent <<<< .special-el {\n// the element containing class \"parent\" contains \"special-el\"\n}\n\n2) double-slash JS-style comments\n\n3) nested selectors:\n\narticle {\n p {\n // this is most of the reason I still use SCSS\n }\n}\n", "Sass-like selector nesting, media queries for \"parent width\" and \"parent height\"", "What I most miss is the ability to select the parent of a given element. For example, say in `div .child` I want to select all div elements with .child inside of them instead of the .child elements. This could be done with a $ sign or something similar in front of the element you want to select (default would be the child)\n\nAlso, it's ridiculous how complicated CSS triangles are to make.", "parent selector, please", "Snabbare stöd för nya saker till webbläsare tex flex gap", "Parent Selector would be super nice like:\n.parent < .checkbox:checked\n// update that parent element :D", "element queries", "fixed column/rows in tables, styling select options", "That we are moving away from pure css and putting it in JS. We are starting to missing the segregation.", "Container Queries. Something that detects intersection with browser edge.", "Container queries,\nstyling shadow DOM\ntext columns", "Nesting", "container queries", "easy layout, styling forms, microsoft dropping IE11 support", "Element level media queries\nMore named colours ", "Animated transitions between dimensions if the dimensions are set to \"auto\"", "more flexible attributes for CSS Art", "Parent selector\n:sticky pseudo-selector", "Most of the features I want to see are already in development. ", "I'm missing the overall \"big picture\". Css feels like patch work and seems a bit inconsistent at least at the first glance", "- Parent selector\n- Browser calculated Heights", "Nested rules", "Parent selection, element query", "Constraint-based layout, ala Auto Layout. Easier customizable inputs such as checkboxes, radios and progress. ", "Уникальных автоматизированых селекторов", "Previous sibling ", "Baseline control replacing line height", "What CSS needs:\n- Semantic error/warning reporting (e.g. using a duplicate selector, using `ol + p` before `ol ~ p`, using `margin-left` before `margin`, etc)\n- ability to mix & calculate colors at “runtime” i.e. in the browser & DOM\n- ability to read and reuse styles from other selectors\n\nWhat CSS has that it shouldn’t have:\n- Specificity is a pain point, and it should be removed.\n- ID selectors should be removed.\n- nested (child/descendant) selectors should be removed.\n", "Container queries", "container queries", "if-else", "Native mixins and/or includes, like we Sass ones.", "Official CSS in JS and component oriented solution", "container queries", "select styling", "Easier method to control scaling type in responsive", "nested selectors", "There are a lot of things pre-processors have implemented that I feel should be added to vanilla CSS; one in particular is nested styles.", "Cross-browser support for text clamping.", "vw that doesn't include the scrollbar", "Container queries", "parent selector", "component queries", "container selector", "- Being able to style inputs/selects without a hassle and JS.\n- Being able to use the line-height in calc().\n- Being able to specify the width of an element, based on its height.", "Parent selectors", "Contained @media queries", "Standarts..... everything should work on all browser at the same functionallity. Right now some things look strange at safari whilte chrome, firefox, edge looks great....", "integrated features from different tools like sass to the vanila.", "Includes and conditions could be inside css, without the need of using a processor like LESS.", "Nope", "Being able to style all native web components with ease and flexibility.", "Nesting, variables, mixins.", "container queries", "Container queries", "- Better access to custom styling for form elements\n- Access to custom styling for audio and video players", "Container-size media queries. ", "Something similar to ES6 Modules, but for CSS. CSS still tend to get huge and everything's merged into it. I personally like the separation of concern between markup, JS and CSS, but we need to be able to cleverly load additional CSS when necessary. May be web components will be the way, but it comes with disadvantages.", "Not sure if it's a feature, but more even browser compatibility (i.e. less differences in whether a feature is or is not supported in a given moment) would be appreciated.", "parent selector", "More understandable layout posisitonning. Like flex. But no one gets it. It's been almost, a decade. Still no one understands.", "None that aren't already underway", "container queries\nmulti-line text truncation", "Native nesting", "Container queries", "parent selector :D", "Looping, color functions, reusability.", "JSS is taking care of most of the things I miss.", "Query selectors, nesting (in vanilla)", "scoped css (without any 3rd library)", "parent selectors, animating height to \"auto\"", "media queries relative to parent size. I understand it's tricky because of recursive nature of this feature but it really useful. ", "container queries\nlazy loading of CSS", "\"is using a screen reader\" checks", "parent selectors", "Use content/values from HTML attributes in CSS\nSmarter position sticky/fixed behavior\nBetter mobile vh behavior", "viser le parent d'un enfant", "More native functions", "style form controls", "Cross Browser and Os wide support for all functions ", "Container Queries x infinity", "Improved contained or location-based selectors to better scope parent/child relationship styles.", "Subgrid support in all browsers", "sibling before selector (the opposite direction of div + div)", "Underline fine tuning", "Fun", "Easy straightforward solutions to common problems", "Element queries ", "parent selection", "Des breakpoints par défaut pour homogénéiser les breakpoints.", "-", "Previous", "1.Please add linear gradient to border immediately.\n2.More 3D interactive and animation.", "Nesting which is only possible with preprocessors atm", "Simplicity :) It used to be much simpler, but now it's become a very complex and difficult language to grok.", "Consensus", "parent selector", "Upgrading CSS to a real programming language would be cool", "layout is hard", "Group-hover", "Container queries pleaaaaase", "That's more a browser compatibilities than a missing feature issue...", "Parent Selector. Previous Sibling Selector. ", "CSS can pretty much be automatized.", "Parent selectors", "standardization", "leading-trim!!! and good support for supgrid.\nfeature-querys\nBetter E-Mail support", "Parent selection; some functions like sass has;", "Scopes", "In-browser sass so it doesn't need to be compiled.", "Container queries.", "Functions for dynamic values (specifically related to window size)", "Parent selectors (like \"#box < a\")!!", "Prefers hand", "Nos es una característica, pero algo que me molesta es el soporte entre navegadores", "Parent selector", "Technology support", "Container queries", "less typing, easier selective parent selectors", "Parent selector and custom filters (https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2013/03/Introduction-to-Custom-Filters-aka-CSS-Shaders)", "Container queries! Container queries! Container queries! Container queries! Container queries! Some other stuff, sure, but mostly container queries!", "Native selector nesting, LayoutAPI, AnimationWorklet", "some sort of ternaries or conditionals without using preprocessors.", "Overscroll content", "SASS features in CSS", "rgba but for hex values", "browser compat, although not really css' problem", "explicit separation of layout from style", "Composition: the ability to define a CSS class that composed other CSS classes\n\nContainer queries\n\nThe ability to dynamically know when elements no longer fit in a space and make different layout choices", "Browser support.", "Meilleure gestion du responsive, du zoom navigateur/OS (px densité)", "More robust print CSS features to reduce the need for PDF converters and simplify print publishing", "Subgrid", "Native styling for form elements, parent selector.", "Container Queries. Container Queries. Container Queries. ", "A good standardisation or opinionated approach solving practical CSS task such as layout / styling", "There's a space between the top of the text and the edge of the element that I'd like to be able to eliminate as it would make controlling the space between items on the page easier as I wouldn't have to account for those couple of rogue pixels", "Parent Selectors", "Consistent support in all browsers", "All the weirdness and tooling around CSS could be eliminated if it were just an actual Turing complete language instead of a DSL.", "Nesting", "Preprocessors' functions", "Fuck BEM", "parent selectors :pray:", "Better solution for text (for ex. ellipsis)", "more functions", "Nesting\n", "- Hanging punctuation\n- Control over leading (fonts)\n- Styling of ", "Consistent features support on all browsers.", "Container queries, grid-span-all keyword to fill implicit tracks", "Scope", "parent media queries, parent (if parent is .class, then...)", "Support for subgrid universally.", "parent selectors; element queries.", ":nth-of-class selector", "Not css specific, but browser standardized application ui components ", "Élément queries, eg:\n@(‘#element) and (min-width: 240px){}", "Native support for scoped CSS, states", "Masonry", "Backwards compatibility is too difficult", "Hum... i can do what i want in CSS. Maybe the ability to select above selector instead of only descendant ^^ but i guess CSS should not be \"Cascading\" anymore :D", "media queries for the parent / current container. :is()?", "Sanity", "Container queries", "Easy to remember properties that don't require reading the documentation all the time.", "consistent implementation", "Functions, concatenations, concatenations and a background-opacity property. ", "get element parent", "line height (lh) unit", "A better way to do animations ", "a lot of in-depth knowledge", "The basic understanding what CSS was meant to do. It's a cascading style list. Styles should work together, and are defined in the CSS, not in the DOM structure. Frameworks such as Angular and Bootstrap (especially when working together) have broken how we used to build web, and not for the better.", "Container queries", "Container queries", "More Sass-like support in regular CSS custom properties, like darken/lighten/alpha options", "nesting mixins", "Container/Element queries, full browser support for Houdini, CSS3 + CSS4 (:is, :where, :match, :has), conic-gradients, text-fill, full support for logical-properties, ....", "Scoped styles", "More functions like calc(), e.g. some SASS functions, darken(), lighten(), etc.", "Debugging, transferring changes made on dev tools to IDE, tracing where properties come from on dev tools", "More powerful styling for native form inputs.\nContainer queries.\nBetter built-ins for CSS reset. ", "targetting a parent element with a selector like \"has-child\"", "Sticky with different horizontal and vertical overflow contexts ", "Layout constraint solvers", "SUB GRID SUPPORT IN CHROME (not CSS's fault... but c'mon Google)", "container queries, nested media queries", "The ability to write styles without cascading (inheriting from parent element).", "Container query", "Built in utility framework", "Ancestor selectors; ", ".child < .parent {}", "Mixins", "Parent selectors and element queries.", "Better typographic controls over widows, orphans, text lockups", "Rules or guidelines from the horses mouth on the factual best / most efficient way to write your css", "Respect from the back end", "Parent Selectors\nContainer query", "a good polyfill", "deprecation, css-in-js, atomic ", "css nesting like in all preprecessors, e.g.\n.container {\n .inner {}\n}", "Excellent unit testing capabilities", "Container queries", "Parent selectors, easy styling & support for common custom elements like selects, dialogs, tabs, etc", "Container Queries probably doesnt need to be said. \n\nI'd be very interested in pushing CSS in SVG more. SVG is all parameters. Could we animate x, y, filter settings etc, rather than just colors and things?", "Вложеность", "A way to apply style for specific browser engines and versions", "Container queries, más facilidad para soportar accesibilidad sin \"trucos\"", "Better aural support", "Styling form element natively without hacks", "mixins, nested rules", "Houdini utilities frameworks", "Local scoping", "Родительского селектора - :parent{ background: red }\nБольше математических функций\nВозможности доставать значение через attr не только в псевдо-элементах.\nЭто наверное больше к html но двойного range input!", "Oh god, just so much", "Cibler le(s) previous sibling(s)", "Better DOM traversal", "Element Queries ", "Clearer documentation and visual reference ", "Условия в стандартном CSS. Многоуровневые соседние селекторы. Возможность использовать скобки. ", "Multiple sequential animations depending on what happened before. I.e. what triggered it, e.g. on hover start and on hover end.", "nesting\ncustomize form elements\nhoudini", "Honestly, CSS is missing a solid foundation. There is nothing which can be patched in as a backwards-compatible extension. It's fundamentally broken.", "nesting", "Child style parent", "There are lots of new CSS features, but I can't use them when our product targets a wide range of browsers. I wish groups of CSS features were versioned so that browsers much support all features correctly in the version.", "I would love to see a media feature allowing to detect whether a user prefers left-handed or right-handed layout. That would be handy when designing for mobile devices.", "Nesting", "More Animations", "Container queries, component based sizing", "targeting parents from a child.", "Full support across all browsers", "Mainly better browser support for existing features like universal \"gap\" support and subgrid. A :has() selector, particularly for the pattern e.g. label:has(input:checked) {}. Masonry layout in Grid or some other solution to allow columns to have different row counts, so that sidebars aren't pushed down by large content blocks in a main column.", "Style isolation without shadow DOM", "New layout modes", "Scoping (not in web components) ", "Everything in the Paged Media Working Draft", "css is too much features\nneed to be simpler\nunclear syntax and too verbose.\nverbose is good. but css syntax is unclear. thats why i made myself a css preprocessor that generate extremely optimized css.", "Parent selector", "Ease of use. Selectors and behaviours are convoluted. With Tailwind and the like making this easier, CSS should incorporate the majority of this natively. 100% of devs I know, regardless of their experience, all state that CSS is a difficult beast to tame. With the way in which JS has implemented changes over the years, it makes writing code so much easier...the same needs to happen to CSS. ", "Ability to nest selectors like in SCSS\n.foo {\n &-bar {\n color: #fff;\n }\n}\n\n", "too many ways to do same task", "Something like Babel, which would allow to write current CSS (in preprocessor of course) and have it bundle down to what is currently available in browsers (mostly for logic things and other properties)", "variables and functions", "Mixin, Func, Iterations ", "Browser support", "The ability to \"customize\" CSS; much as jQuery did for JavaScript, in a way that CSS can be standardize across devices.", "faster browser adoption", "selector nesting", "parent selector", "imbrication des selecteurs", "N/A", "Aspect ratio for images (it can't come soon enough)", "Better support with mock-up tools like Figma and Sketch. Design handoff to engineering is not straightforward.", "Higher level selectors (.bar ^ .foo) to select foo that contains bar", "A \"previous sibling\" selector. Container queries.", "Récupérer un data de l’HTML sans passer par un :after ou :before. ", "More GPU accelerated properties", "Priority of selectors within multiple files in SASS - so I can make a particular class or whatever higher importance even if the file is imported higher up the page whilst keeping clean selectors.", "Working container queries!", "removing overwritten styles", "Element queries", "Tailwind has solved css. ", "Something like a switch()", "Apply style to parent(s) of specified selector", "Multi-line ellipsis (standardized line-clamp)", "More Houdini", "nesting, container queries", "Parent selectors.\nGlobal z-index escape hatch (exit a stacking context).\nRegular expressions in attribute selectors.", "Something comparable to android constrained layouts", "pouvoir remonter au parent", "I would like to evaluate a set of CSS and HTML and get in return the dimensions and positions of result. This would be useful for testing and removing the need for doing JS driven layout calculations for specific tasks.", "container queries, :inert", "container queries", "Container queries :D", "Parent selectors. Sass-style nesting and variables.", "Resets", "functions like in sass", "CONTAINER QUERIES", "Browser support for newer features", "Consistent support across browsers", "burn CSS!!! inline styles in react or restyle", "- overflow pseudo-classes\n- form input styling", "Enforced style encapsulation.", "Namespacing (ie. when Bootstrap hijacks all the common class names), a variable syntax that is not butt ugly, ability to style all form elements, better control of advanced transitions, better control of separate layers on a page (positioning and stacking contexts are often difficult to handle properly), container queries (\"if this container is wider than 700px...\"), much better tools on the pre-processor side (suited for creating design systems, easy to configure, maintainable for big projects, etc)", "text-wrap: balance;", "Container Queries", "Working container queries, scoping", "More options for typography", "Most important features from pre-processors would be nesting and imports, beeing able to split in multiple files without more HTTP requests", "Mixins", "Better select/input styling, Container Queries", "sass style nesting", "Media queries relative to specific element dimensions", "mixins, nesting, imports, data params (ex: set an amount on a data attribute and use it in `height: [param amount];`)", "Support for multiple screens/foldable UI.", "Parent selectors ie. only div's that have a ul in them, div, PLEASE.", "Nesting in CSS would be cool. Then I could stop using SCSS.", "Mixins, extends", "Multicol in the block dimension, aspect-ratio, masonry layout", "Not necessarily CSS, but how many times have you spent debugging trying to find out what element or css class owns this 1px border in your app? Feels like thats a gap. ", "build-in solutions that we dont need to write over and over again,\nmaybe generic reset or something", "- A decent multi-column module: the current one is unpredictable and very, very quirky...\n- Parent selectors\n- Container queries", "New CSS features implemented in all browsers at the same time", "previous sibling selector", "I think the current push to CSS in JS is very annoying. I get why it's used this way but I wish there were more SCSS/CSS ways of approaching this issue. ", "Container queries", "Better (retro-)compatibility between browser and faster adoption of new properties (CSS4, etc.)", "One common level of spec which is implemented in all browsers and updated at the same time.\n", "Element queries", "soporte nativo de mixins, expandir operaciones con valores, para eventualmente dejar de utilizar preprocesadores", "Container queries", "Compatibility in all browsers.\nStandards", "being able to change the look of the different html form inputs, like checkboxes.", "element inheritance, for instance;\n\nheight: 100%;\nwidth: inherit(height);\n\nWhich means that the width won't be also just 100%; but will get it's calculated value from height. So if the height 100% is 50px, the width will also be 50px. ", "Container/element queries, parent selectors, ability to style linked SVG whether through symbol or img src, ability to chain animations without manually setting delays", "Mostly Browser Support for new Features", "Some native solution for making it easy to delete styles without fear.", "Selectors for in-viewport", "• Better support in legacy browsers ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯\n• Multi-line text truncation without `-webkit-*` hacks\n• ", "I'd like to have some kind of mixins and conditional functions like they are in pre/post processors.", "The cascade is actually really painful.", "form element styling 😭", "Easier styling for input elements. It's still so hacky and outdated to make custom form elements.", "parent selector", ":focus-visible\nstrict-mode/deprecations", "parent selector", "low-level crossbrowser framework like React, Vue to cover features and cut edges ", "Color manipulation functions (brighten, darken, saturate, desaturate, hue-rotate, …).", "Parent selector, select and optgroup styling, conditional expressions, CSS variables in media queries", "Container queries, sub grid", "Element queries", "- container queries\n- standardized multi-line text truncation", "nesting", "More native elements ", "container queries", "More selectors and support around accessibility (ie, `:focus-within`)", "Container queries, flex gap, native nested selectors, ", "Better management of overflow, where it concerns absolutely positioned elements\n\nSetting bounds of transformed objects so that positioning is more predictable\n\nBetter management of responsiveness for all the different screen sizes and dimensions. There needs to be something that you can create a real predictability with so that designs can be truly creative and intentional at all screen sizes. There‘s an element of perfectionism, but it’s something I’d like solved.\n\nColour functions\n\nBeing able to write modular CSS\n", "Container queries, parent selectors (aka `:has()`)", "Features cross browser ", "Overall standardization, on the way we write css and name things; from plain css to frameworks", "Parent selectors.", "More uses for variables.", "Container queries and namespaces", "We could always use more consistency in support across browsers", ":nth-word", "1. There should be a way for positioned elements to “escape” the boundaries of an `overflow: hidden` parent.\n\n2. There should be a way to write a CSS “out” transitions which end with the element being `display: none` but not immediately. Currently transition something in (e.g. from `opacity: 0` to `opacity: 1`) is easy because you are `display: block` the whole time. But when you want to transition out, you can either `display: none` and have no transition, or you can use `pointer-events: none` as a hack. Of course you can also use JS to solve this by listening to the `transitionend` event to set the display to none, but it would be great to have a CSS-only solution. This _is_ a CSS survey after all ;)", "Full stilisation for the from elements. Full subgrid support. Container queries.", "Vertically centered divs", "Color functions (like in preprocessors: lighten, darken etc.)\nFinally a parent selector (now maybe we don't have that much performance issues like in the past years).", "Since browser struggle with it: more properties to unify renderings in browsers (i.e: font rendering between Chrome/FF/Safari Windows/Mac, etc...)", "native ability to style